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The roaring tides crash upon the cliff face. Generations ago, they would often bring countless ships to meet their doom upon those rocks. But now, there is the lighthouse, shiningout in darkness and storm. Its gleaming beacon guides sailors away from certain death and o towards salvation at the port, a mere day’s travel away by land. But within that shining tower must live a keeper, far from their people, at the mercy of the world.

"The Lighthouse Keeper" is an epistolary game wherein you play a Keeper who has taken up a job at the local lighthouse, a good day's journey from the port. The port is the closest civilization around, and while supplies are regularly ran up to you, you are otherwise isolated with no means of reaching the outside world. In exchange for your service you are promised free room in the lighthouse and board provided by the port authority, but you cannot leave the lighthouse or shirk your duty. Doing so will forfeit the generous pension you are promised. You must continue in your service until you reach the end of your career, whatever form that may take...

Prompts are provided for the player based on a randomly selected playing card and the result of a dice roll. The details of the setting are up to the player to decide, and the prompts are intentionally open-ended to permit one's imagination to run wild.

"The Lighthouse Keeper" includes a few optional variant rules, including suggestions for a multiplayer mode played via postal service.

Players need nothing more than something to write with, a deck of playing cards, a six-sided die, and their imagination to bring it all to life.

This is the first game I've ever developed and published, I hope you all enjoy it, and I would be happy to hear your responses to it (as well as any tales you have to tell of your Keepers!)

CategoryPhysical game
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GenreRole Playing
TagsGM-Less, Narrative, Story Rich, Text based


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